More and more consumers are expressing the need to control commonly used objects through the smartphone. Companies respond with intelligent products that, thanks to technology, can communicate with users by simplifying their lives. Set the ideal oven temperature from the office, check if there are products expiring in the refrigerator from the supermarket, lights that detect motion in our room by turning on and off accordingly and change channels with simple voice commands. These are just some of the occasions when the Internet of Things transforms commonly used objects into desirable objects.


Thanks to the development of IoT solutions, it’s possible to connect devices, machines and places to each other, transforming them into intelligent tools. An innovative technology, with almost infinite applications, which allows us to offer new solutions that open up new opportunities. In an era in which innovation is immediately attributable to technological progress, what we increasingly consider essential to make an appealing product is the possibility of interacting with it in a completely new mood.


IoT technology has allowed objects to speak and we can speak to them literally. Through the voice assistants, among the most widespread Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, it is possible to give orders simply with the use of their own voice. Adjust the temperature of the house, turn on and set appliances, but also simple requests such as activating an alarm clock, adding an appointment in the calendar or having them read the news of the newspapers. The possibilities are endless, if you think that this type of devices can also be adapted to other Smart realities as in a fully connected camper.